Week 4: Open Leadership

Maureen, Susan, Jason, and Verena welcome you to Open Leadership week, October 15 – 21, 2014! It is hard to believe that we are already at week 4. By now your head may be spinning due to all the connections and possibilities provided through oclmooc or you have found a groove that works for you. We hope you are enjoying yourselves.

You may want to take a moment or two to reflect on your oclmooc experience to date. How does your experience relate to the 5 steps that Dave Cormier shared in the blackboard collaborate session in week one?

  1. Orient  (do you have a big picture sense of moocs and open connected learning? how has that developed or shifted since you became involved with oclmooc?)
  2. Declare  (have you managed to move from sampling to sharing? How?)
  3. Network  (have you connected directly with others? Have you commented on any of the material in oclmooc? On any of the blogs associated with the mooc?)
  4. Cluster  (has your imagination been captured by anything you have experienced so far? Did you run away with the tweet/anime challenge from week 2? Have you used any materials from oclmooc in your work place?)
  5. Focus  (what are you focusing on now?)

Open leadership is not just about your online identity, but it is also about your actions. See what our fellow co-conspirator Verena Roberts thinks.

Our challenge for week 4 is to share something small everyday!

. . . a tweet, a blog post, a vlog, a comment on someone’s blog , a coffee or tea with a colleague and tell them about your experiences with #oclmooc.

Know that your work does not need to be perfect . . . but it should be reflective and thoughtful.

RECOMMENDED SOURCE: Kleon, A (2014). Show your work! New York, NY: Workman. @austinkleon 

Wednesday, October 15

WEEK 4 is about open leadership and we have a couple of short video clips on what open leadership means.

Don Wettrick 

Maureen Crawford 

Now it is your turn. Recommended activities: 

Blog on Open Leadership :

  • Open leaders are:
  • If I were an open leader I would…
  • Some great examples of leadership I have seen are:
  • Research 3 great leaders and blog about why they make a difference

Share your blog or ideas on twitter and or Google+

Contribute to this OPEN Google doc.

  • Create your own Google doc and ask people you know to tell you what they think makes a good open leader.
  • Make a Google doc on anything you have learned in #oclmooc and share it to the hashtag asking others to contribute.

Think about how mentorship relates to open leadership. Does it look different?

Thursday, October 16

7 pm mountain time- Webinar with Christina Hendricks and Dr. Erin Mason, two great open leaders.

Please join us in blackboard collaborate. Click here for more information on how to join this amazing session.

It’s also Blog Action Day . Learn more about it here.

Friday, October 17

Open Leadership is all about:

  • Offering what you can and taking what you need
  • Building relationships
  • Connecting and Collaborating

all in an open way.

3 Small How-to Steps on the path of Open Leadership

  1. Think about how email relates to open leadership. Check out this blog post by Maureen Crawford.
  2. Has the internet changed how YOU think?
  3. Share something small everyday
  4. Take time to reflect

Saturday, October 18

If you are in the Edmonton area, check out Edmonton’s EdCamp, #EdCampYeg, where educators from across Alberta will get together for a day of conversation, learning and sharing.

Edcamp is an  “unconference,” meaning that there isn’t a rigid schedule of workshops and presentations planned in advance. Instead, presentations are born in the moment as attendees discuss what they would like to learn about, and what they can teach others about.

An Edcamp presentation might be as simple as a conversation, but there’s a lot to learn from other educators. Pick up a few new tools and tips, share a couple of your own ideas and get inspired by the amazing educators all around our province.

And the best part: it’s free! EdCamp Yeg is taking place at Lillian Osborne High School, you can find out more and register here.

Sunday, October 19

Google hangout on air with Maureen Crawford on Open Leadership 1pm mountain time. See the #oclmooc Google+ community for event information.

Monday, October 20

Enjoy a day free of doing absolutely anything.

Tuesday, October 21

Twitter chat #oclmooc Jason will lead Rhonda will co-facilitate our #oclmooc Twitter chat  at 7pm mountain time.




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