Two sessions with Alec Couros

Alec Couros joined us for the final webinar of #oclmooc on October 30th. It was a great session. Here is the link to the archive of the Blackboard Collaborate session.

A few weeks after our last webinar, several #oclmooc co-conspirators joined Alec Couros in a conversation about our experiences in #etmooc and how they might be replicated in other moocs as part of week 5 of Connected Courses. You might recognize #oclmooc co-conspirators Susan Spellman Cann, Paul Signorelli, Erin Luong and Rhonda Jessen in the archive of the session which I have embedded below. If you’d like to read more about the session, here is a link to Paul’s post about the it.


Archive of Open Leadership Webinar

Here is the archive of the Open Leadership webinar we held on October 16th with Christina Hendricks and Dr. Erin Mason. The link will open in Blackboard Collaborate, here are instructions of how to access Blackboard Collaborate if you’re unfamiliar with its use.

Open Leadership Webinar Tonight

Join us tonight at 7 pm mountain time for a Webinar with Christina Hendricks and Dr. Erin Mason, two great open leaders. We’ll be using Blackboard Collaborate. Click here to join this amazing session. If you need a reminder of how to use Blackboard, visit this page.

It’s also Blog Action Day today. You can learn more about how to get involved here.

Global Read Aloud Webinar tonight

Please join us tonight, October 14th at 7pm mountatin time, for a webinar about The Global Read Aloud Project, with special guests Pernille Rip and Kelli Holden. Here’s Pernelle talking about the project:

We’ll be using Blackboard Collaborate for this event, here is the link to join the session between 7-8pm on Tuesday October 14th.

If you need a reminder of how to connect to blackboard collaborate click here.

Digital Citizenship webinar tonight, October 2nd

Thursday October 2nd we hope you’ll join us in Blackboard Collaborate from 7-8pm mountain time to hear two amazing speakers.

  1. Matthew Johnson from Media Smarts will present first.
  2. Paige Woodard a university student who is a Digital Citizenship advocate will present second. Paige blogs at .

Then you will have an opportunity to ask them both questions.

Click here to join the Blackboard Collaborate session between 7-8pm mountain time on Thursday October 2nd.

If you need a reminder of how to connect to blackboard collaborate click here.



Need a Digital Citizenship break? Click here.

Were you able to stay focused? It is important for all of us to take time to breathe when involved in a MOOC.