Paul Signorelli’s archive of #oclmooc

In addition to his role as co-conspirator for #oclmooc and participation in almost all of the scheduled events (he even joined one Twitter chat from more than 37,000 feet in the air) Paul Signorelli wrote regular blog posts reflecting on his experiences in #oclmooc and how they interested with his experiences the Connected Courses Mooc. All of Paul’s #oclmooc posts can be viewed here – check them out if you haven’t already, they provide a great history of #oclmooc.


Archive of Open Leadership Webinar

Here is the archive of the Open Leadership webinar we held on October 16th with Christina Hendricks and Dr. Erin Mason. The link will open in Blackboard Collaborate, here are instructions of how to access Blackboard Collaborate if you’re unfamiliar with its use.