#oclmooc Co-Conspirators

Rhonda Jessen @rljessen
Rhonda Jessen

Rhonda Jessen

Rhonda Jessen is a media and computer teacher, currently seconded to Alberta Education where she works as the Curriculum Manager for Career and Technology Foundations (CTF) as they work to refine and validate the draft CTF curriculum for students in grades 5-9. Rhonda is passionate about open and connected learning and has a strong interest in community development; PostEtmooc and MetaMooc are two of the communities that she manages. Rhonda blogs at

Verena Roberts @verenanz
Verena Roberts

Verena Roberts

Verena Roberts is currently an online teacher with Palliser Beyond Borders in Alberta, the Acting Chief Innovation Officer with CANeLearn and an eLearning/Open Learning Consultant. BLOG Google Site

Erin Luong @EHordyskiLuong
Erin Luong

Erin Luong

Erin Luong spent the last year, with her husband and two amazing children, working in Japan as an English Language Teacher and International Liaison. She is very happy to be returning to her position as a School Counsellor in a Self- Directed High School in Calgary. She is a life long learner who enjoys finding new opportunities to connect with colleagues and students. Aside from being an e-learning graduate student she also worked both as Teacher Advisor and Course Developer for that program. Since then she has become involved in a variety of  cMOOCs including: #ETMOOC, #OOE13 and #DCMOOC. She also completed a variety of Coursera MOOCs including: Teaching Character and Creating Positive Classrooms, Creativity Innovation and Change and Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence. Participating in all of these courses has allowed Erin to connect and communicate with a diverse array of life long learners from around the world.In 2013 #ETMOOC taught Erin the benefits of developing a Professional Learning Network (PLN). Since then she has enjoyed blogging, vlogging and joining a variety of online communities. Flexibility and connection to others with similar interests and ideas are some of the bonuses of having an active PLN.

 Susan Spellman Cann @sspellmancann
Susan Spellman Cann

Susan Spellman Cann

Susan Spellman Cann has been an educator since 1980. She has taught K-12, special and regular education, Junior and Senior High School Counselling and has also taught University courses. Presently she is a School Counsellor in a Self- Directed High School in Calgary, Alberta. Susan is also a registered psychologist and has previously worked part- time in private practice. Susan loves working with adolescents and helping other school counsellors. She is a co-moderator for  #SCCrowd a School Counsellor chat for counsellors all across the world. Susan is originally from Nova Scotia and loves to spend her summers there with her husband and two children. She is a lifelong learner who has taken three MOOC’s #ETMOOC #DCMOOC and the edx Justice MOOC with Michael Sandel. She vlogs, blogs and belongs to a number of online communities. She loves connecting with educators online, but especially loves School Counselling and being able to share and learn from School Counsellors all over the world. Susan just began using technology for learning a little over two years ago and has developed a passion for this way of engaging and developing skills to help herself and her students. She has presented at a number of conferences and loves sharing her resources with other School Counsellors. Susan believes that twitter is an amazing tool that provides exceptional PD for School Counsellors and Educators. She is excited about this professional development opportunity and really looks forward to connecting and learning with you in #OCLMOOC. Get ready for an exciting adventure, one that I am sure you will love.

 Paul Signorelli @paulsignorelli
Paul Signorelli

Paul Signorelli

Paul Signorelli pursues a variety of interests as a San Francisco-based writer, trainer, instructional designer, social media strategist, presenter, consultant—and lifelong learner. He explores, writes about, and helps others become familiar with e-learning, social media, MOOCs, mobile technology, and community partnerships (onsite and online) to creatively facilitate positive change within organizations. He also absolutely adores connectivist MOOCs, having participated as a learner in #etmooc (the Educational Technology & Media MOOC) and #xplrpln (the Exploring Personal Learning Networks MOOC) in 2013.He is active at several levels in the New Media Consortium (including service on Horizon Report advisory boards/expert panels), the American Library Association, and the Association for Talent Development (formerly the American Society for Training & Development); earned an MLIS through the University of North Texas (with an emphasis on online learning) and an M.A. in Arts Administration at Golden Gate University (San Francisco); blogs at Building Creative Bridges; and can be reached at

 Christine Quong @christine_quong
Christine Quong

Christine Quong

Christine Quong is a Lead Collaborative Teacher for the Pembina Hills Regional Division.  In this role, she facilitates and leads the professional collaborations among teachers and supports their application of universal design for learning and differentiated instruction.  She currently working towards a Masters of Education in Educational Technology through the University of Alberta and recently participated in her first MOOC, #DCMooc. She has found integrating technology into the classroom to be one of her passions. Her teaching career has allowed her to work with a wide range of students from kindergarten through to grade nine.  In her classroom, she uses tools like Twitter, Skype and student blogs to connect students with the world.  By using tools like these with her class, she gives her students the opportunity to learn about being responsible digital citizens.

Connect with Christine through her About.Me page.

Alison Heather Spear @AlisionSpear
Alison Heather Spear

Alison Heather Spear

Alison Spear  (Ali) is an elementary school teacher from British Columbia.

Ali first experienced distance education through NIDES as a high school student, and took several online and self-directed courses, including EDCI: Introduction to Distributed and Mobile Learning at the University of Victoria.
While working as an international school teacher, she experienced the challenges of connecting with educators and accessing educational resources in global education.  She also followed the challenges in copyright, archiving, accessing, and sharing resources as an intern in a Canadian heritage organization with Young Canada Works.
As a graduate student at Athabasca University’s Centre for Distance Education, Ali had the opportunity to study the foundations of open education with George Siemens.  She met her fellow co-conspirators while evaluating social media tools in their ability to support democratic discourse in  #DCMOOC.
The digital tools she uses most are:
– LinkedIn to connect to international educators,
– Facebook groups, such as Reggio Emilia Approach, to network with colleagues, as well as Facebook pages, such as Powell River Christian School, to share student learning,
Pinterest to curate ideas from teacher blogs,
Twitter and twitter chats to share updates in research and practice, and
Google+ to find and join learning communities and participate in discussions.
 Brendan Murphy @dendari
Brendan Murphy

Brendan Murphy

Brendan Murphy has been in education since 2000. He has taught 4th grade, 8th grade Mathematics, worked as a curriculum specialist, and is currently a technology integration and professional development specialist. His passion is creating a more engaging learning environment for teachers and students. Too old to be mistaken for a digital native Brendan has decided to relive his digital childhood anyway, you can read about it on his blog.

Sean Grainger @graingered
Sean Grainger

Sean Grainger

My name is Sean Grainger. I am a teacher and school administrator at Glendale Sciences and Technology School in Red Deer, Alberta. Glendale is a thriving K-8 school with an inquiry learning focus and strong technology influence.I have been teaching for 20 years in a wide range of school contexts and grades. I have also been a school counselor and taught within alternative school environments and Aboriginal communities for more than half of my 20 years. I am a strong proponent of reclaiming school environments and nurturing of resiliency in students.

I love to write and read. My personal blog is found at I am a coauthor of having written the closing chapter.

My passions away from school are family, cycling and skiing. I am a member of the Canadian Ski Patrol. I love all sports and conduct coach clinics for the Canadian Lacrosse Association as a Master Learning Facilitator.

More than anything I am a perpetual beta learner. I believe there is always a better way. I subscribe to open leadership models and believe that all of us do our very best given our experiences and training. I am happy to be involved with OCLMooc.

Maureen Crawford @jmc3ualberta
Maureen Crawford

Maureen Crawford

Maureen Crawford is fascinated by how people learn, communicate, connect, collaborate, and care for and with each other. She consistently seeks to understand the big picture, question the educational status quo, and find the patterns formed by change. She is a designer, researcher, author, poet, facilitator, as well as being the leadership development consultant in human resources with Edmonton Public Schools, and a graduate student in Communication Technology at the University of Alberta. She is a mentor with the Centre for Global Education and she has lead international education projects (the most recent being, East of the Mountains, a project involving schools in China, Australia & Canada looking at water as a sustainable resource). She is an alumni of the Banff Centre Leadership Program as well as a mixed bag of cMOOCs. Her academic focus is on personal learning networks and leadership. She blogs on both PLNs and thinking/learning/connecting at and email:


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