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Here is where #oclmooc participants blog:

Here are some recent posts by oclmooc participants:


5 thoughts on “Blog Hub

    • Hi Jennifer,
      There are other blogs showing up now. We purposely chose to set up this site on because we are trying to use tools that our participants will have access to. Unfortunately setting up a Blog Hub on a site is a little different than setting up one on a self hosted site. We’ve set up an RSS feed using Inoreader, which pulls the last few blogs when I add a new blogger. As others add new blog posts they start to show up as well.
      By the way, if you are using a self hosted WordPress site, Alan Levine (CogDog) has written great instructions for setting up a blog hub:
      We’ve added a listing of #oclmooc bloggers at the top of the page which we hope is helpful as well.

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  1. Finally caught on (as Week 4 begins) to the fact that placing a cursor over the title of any article featured in the recent blog posts section of this page provides a several-line preview of the post. Nice touch;hope this tip helps others find engaging content they might otherwise overlook for lack of opps to browse.


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