Week 3 is about Collaboration & Community

This week our focus is on collaboration and community

Please note: The schedule is a little different this week. We’ll be holding our webinar next Tuesday October 14th (7pm mountain time) – we are excited to have Pernille Rip, the founder of the Global Read Aloud project, and Kelli Holden, an Alberta teacher and Global Read Aloud project join us to talk about the Global Read Aloud project. Our weekly Twitter chat will follow on Wednesday October 15th at 7pm mountain time.

Until then, here are some questions to explore in your blog, on Twitter, in our Google+ community, and in other interactions with others in the #oclmooc community:

  • In what ways are you collaborating with other educators/trainers?
  • How to you encourage your learners and colleagues to collaborate with others outside of your school/university/workplace?
  • Where is your community?
  • How do you create community?
  • What keeps you engaged in a community?
  • What is the most dynamic community you’ve ever joined? What made it dynamic?

Please check out our week 3 page for thoughts and readings about community and collaboration, and what it takes to build and sustain it. There are a lot of resources included, please don’t feel pressured to view them all immediately; choose those that resonate with you and your goals and interests. You can come back and view them at any time, we’ll keep this site up as a resource after #oclmooc has ended.

However you choose to participate this week, it’s right, there is no one way to participate in an experience like #oclmooc. Since this week’s focus is community we do encourage you to connect with others in the #oclmooc community in some way – by commenting on their blogs, posting or replying to a post on Twitter or in the Google+ community, or in a Google Hangout or face to face interaction.


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