Whatever you are doing, it’s right!

cMoocs can be overwhelming and disorienting. Especially the first time you take one.

At this point in #oclmooc you might be feeling:

  • That there isn’t enough guidance in what you need to do
  • There is too much information coming at you
  • There are too many different spaces (Twitter, this website, the Google+ Community, participant blogs, Blackboard, Padlet…)
  • There are too many resources
  • There are too many possible assignments, especially if you are the kind of person who wants to accomplish everything that is expected of you
  • There are too many opportunities
  • That you don’t know where to start
  • and if you are a classroom teacher, you might still be feeling overwhelmed by the start of the school year.

This type of learning experience can feel like trying to drink from a firehose.

We understand. All of the co-conspirators have felt the same feelings when participating in cMoocs before (and in other learning environments.)

Please don’t panic!

We want to reassure you that whatever you are doing, it’s right. Even if you haven’t done anything at all because other priorities have taken precedence, that is ok. We want to remind you that you are the one who gets to choose what you do in this course.

If it is your first experience in a cMooc, you might want to view/review this post What Do We Mean By cMooc or review Dave Cormier‘s advice for succeeding in a Mooc from our first webinar.

We encourage you to strategize. You might want to think about:

  • What you want to get out of this experience, what your goals are. (It’s perfectly ok if your only goal is to check out what a cMooc is like.)
  • What are your priorities right now (in this Mooc and elsewhere), #oclmooc might not be a the top of the list at this time – that’s ok!
  • Which of the online spaces you want to play in. You might want to participate in Twitter and in the Google+ community but that’s it. You might want to try blogging, or read some blogs and comment on them.
  • What you have time for. Although I really wanted to participate in the Twitter chat and webinar and read and comment on participant blogs this week, I spent a lot of time travelling, doing presentations for work and connecting with my family so #oclmooc took a back seat.
  • All of the activities are suggested activities. You don’t have to do them all. You don’t have to do any of them. And you don’t have to do them now, you can come back to them at some time in the future.

We want to make sure that you understand that you are in the driver’s seat. You get to choose what you want to participate in. If you don’t end up doing everything you planned/hoped/intended to this week please don’t be hard on yourself.

If you don’t know what else to do check out the latest post on this website, or the weekly page on the menu on the right hand side of the website. If you don’t know what week it is, just pick one and you’ll find the dates included in the blog post.

We know that there are so many resources that it might be a little overwhelming, you don’t have to look at all (or any of them) now. We have tried to provide enough resources so that there is something for the participant who is exploring a topic for the first time and one who is already familiar with the topic, and so that this website can serve as a resource for you in the future.

#oclmooc is structured for digital participation. Some of the activities can be done at any time, some are synchronous so that there will be multiple participants connecting at the same time (like tonight’s Twitter chat). Most of the synchronous events are archived so you can view them after the fact.

We haven’t scheduled any live face to face events because we all live in different places, even the co-conspirators, but you might want to talk about this face to face with others who are participating. Please do so. You might be able to figure out who lives near you from the intro posts in the Google+ community, or from Twitter bios. Or you might want to throw out an invitation to others in who are in the same geographic area to connect, or to participate in a Google hangout. I hosted my first hangout because I wanted to connect with other etmooc participants  who were from Alberta. That’s how I first met Verena who is now an important part of my PLN.

Our overall message is:

Don’t panic. Participate in whatever way works for you today. Everything will still be here when you come back.

If you have questions, or don’t know what to do next, please ask. You can ask in the #oclmooc Twitter feed, the Google+ community, ask another participant directly, or ask one of the co-conspirators – there are ways to contact them on the co-conspirator page. You can also send us an email at oclmooc@gmail.com.

Week 3 starts tomorrow, please participate in the way that works for you!



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