Welcome to week 2!

Welcome to week two below Erin and I have a few thoughts for you: 

Why does digital citizenship matter so much?

For me Susan, it matters because students matter and really when it comes down to it my family matters. I want to be a good role model for them. I want to leave a positive legacy one they can be proud of. Do I make mistakes? Of course I do, but I want to make a difference for my students and my own children and the only way to really understand what being a good digital citizen meant was to dive in and learn online and so it began in #ETMOOC . A little over two years ago I did not blog, vlog, tweet or know what a google hangout was and now I get the privilege to be a co-conspirator in an Open Connected Learning MOOC, #oclmooc. It will be an amazing experience for us and all of you in the coming month and maybe even years ahead.

Hi everyone, Erin here. Like Susan I have been developing my openness over the last few years. One of the things that really stood out for me last spring, when I participated in #DCMOOC, was the concept that digital citizenship, although it can sound intimidating, is really not a new concept. We can think about it as becoming a responsible citizen. Citizenship is something that we should strive to DO in all our daily environments.

There are nine components of Digital Citizenship that you could think about while creating your resources this week.

Digital access: full electronic participation in society.

Digital commerce: electronic buying and selling of goods.

Digital communication: electronic exchange of information.

Digital literacy: process of teaching and learning about technology and the use of technology.

Digital etiquette: electronic standards of conduct or procedure.

Digital law: electronic responsibility for actions and deeds.

Digital rights and responsibilities: those freedoms extended to everyone in a digital world.

Digital health and wellness: physical and psychological well-being in a digital technology world.

Digital security (self-protection): electronic precautions to guarantee safety.

In week two we hope you step out of your comfort zone as we have several ideas for you to try. Remember you can do what you like and leave the rest. You have the ability to make a positive impact online by what you say and do.

Wednesday October 1st: Here are some recommended activities:

  1. Take a look at this video by Shots of Awe and our hope is that you will experience some awe this week in #oclmooc .

2. Watch this video by Dr. Barb Brown on Digital Networking:

3. Click here to check on the It’s #SoMe activity for Digital Citizenship. You can add your videos or artifacts to the padlet Barb Brown’s #SoMe wall click here.

4. You may want to join Voxer to create an online book club discussion on Dana Boyd’s e-book called It’s Complicated. You can download a pdf copy of the book here and you may want to discuss chapter one. Or you could just connect with other #oclmooc ‘ers on Voxer to share how you feel about this MOOC.

5. You may want to create a video ( for those of you who are more experienced) on Digital Identity / Digital Citizenship. Maybe you could collaborate with another #oclmooc ‘er and create a video by collaborating and sharing on a Google doc.


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