Week 1 Twitter Chat: When there is a knock on the door…..you should open it….

Retrieved from: http://bit.ly/1rFCbw8

Retrieved from: http://bit.ly/1rFCbw8

This evening we had our first #oclmooc twitter chat. The topics focused around why to learn in open online networks, MOOCs, connected learning and how we can learn together. The archives of the twitter chat will be posted as soon as I can get into my Storify account.

What I learned (And I should know better) – is that you can never prepare for everything. Although I was organized and ready to go:

The doorbell rang…and I kid you not – it was Jim Prentice, the current Premier of Alberta.  

We talked about what I was doing….”facilitating an open online course developed by educators across Alberta and the world”…..what it was called …”.MOOC stands for a Massive Open Online Course and was created by Canadians”….and then took some quick selfies to integrate into the twitter chat.

It must also be noted that @SSpellmanCann also answered the door and got some girl guide cookies. There is a HUGE advantage to opening doors….

Although a goal of this course was never to inspire Albertan politicians or to include them in cMOOCs – we have met that objective:

We have definitely opened the door to more conversation and “proof” that there are no walls, rules or boundaries in connected and open learning. Thanks for a great chat!


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