End of week 1

Wow, it’s been a great week of learning and connecting at #oclmooc! 91 participants have signed up from around the world, a number which I am sure will increase over the next few weeks.

This week participants have been introducing themselves in our Google+ community, and in their blogs, connecting and sharing learning resources on Twitter, and reflecting on their experiences in #oclmooc on their blogs. There are 38 blogs on our Blog Hub. If you haven’t added yours yet, it’s not too late. You can find out more about how to start a blog on this page, and add your blog to the Blog Hub by filling out this form.

We have also been finding out about cMoocs and connected learning. If you missed either of our synchronous events – cMooc Stories, or the webinar with Dave Cormier you can view the archives on the Archive page.

Tonight at 7pm mountain time Verena Roberts will be hosting a Twitter chat about connected learning, please join us in the #oclmooc Twitter feed. If you’ve never participated in a Twitter feed before, you can find out more here.

Tomorrow we move on to week 2 and our topic will be Digital Identity and Digital Citizenship. There is information, suggested activities and resources on the page for Week 2, and we’ll be sending an email to all registered participants with information about week 2 later today.

I look forward to more learning next week.




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