Get Ready to Connect

The Open and Connected Learning Mooc (#oclmooc) starts next week. The page for week 1, with resources and suggested activities will be posted soon. Some participants might be wondering if there is anything they can do now to get ready. Many courses have pre-reading material and other things that you can do to get ready and #oclmooc is no different, although in our case, these are recommended but still optional.

Get ready to connect

You can get ready for #oclmooc by getting ready to connect. There will be a lot of conversations taking place in Twitter, the #oclmooc Google+ Community, and on participant blogs. If you don’t have a Twitter account and a blog, or you haven’t joined the Google+ Community, you can do so now so that you’ll be ready to go once #oclmooc starts. You can find instructions here. You can read more about the tools we’ll be using to connect on the Getting Started Page.

Spread the word

You can also spread the word about #oclmooc by telling others about it. One of the goals of #oclmooc is to connect participants with each other and to start conversations. The more people in the #oclmooc community, the more possibilities for connections and interesting conversations. You can spread the word via Twitter (don’t forget to include the #oclmooc hashtag), in an email, a post in Google+ or your blog, or through face to face conversations (we support those too) with those you think would be interested. You might want to share the link to the About #oclmooc, and Getting Started pages, as well as the registration link.

You could visit the Google+ Community and introduce yourself, or comment on someone else’s introduction. You could write a blog post about the start of #oclmooc, or check out some of the blogs in the Blog Hub and leave a comment.

If you are keen to get started these are some of things you can do before the official course start on Wednesday. But you don’t have to do anything at all to get ready, you might prefer to get outside and enjoy the last weekend of summer (it’s the autumn equinox here in Alberta on Monday).

We look forward to learning with you over the next five weeks, and hopefully long after the formal end of #oclmooc on October 30th.

Why your should join #oclmooc

Why your should join #oclmooc


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