Why You Should Join oclmooc

One of our co-conspirators, Susan Spellman Cann, created this HaikuDeck about why you should join oclmooc. If you would like to participate in oclmooc, please complete the #oclmooc participant sign-up form.

Haiku Deck makes creating visual presentations easy; when you view this deck at Haiku Deck, you’ll see the citations for the images Susan used.


Coming Soon The Open and Connected Learning Mooc

In just over a month learners from across Alberta are invited to participate in #oclmooc, the Open and Connected Learning Mooc. Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • share ideas and best practices for learning in an open online environment
  • connect with learners from Alberta (and potentially around the globe)
  • share ideas, tools & supports related to connected and open learning
  • model free and open learning for everyone and anyone who wants to learn

Think of #oclmooc as a hybrid between a course and community; there will be scheduled webinars, shared resources and suggested activities each week but the emphasis will be on the development of connections – between ideas, information, and competencies, but also, and perhaps most importantly, between people. We hope that participants will develop a network of co-learners from Alberta that they continue to learn with long after the course is finished.  (Like on our Alberta Edcamp page!)

Everyone is welcome to participate, no matter what their ability/confidence with technology and connected learning. There will be tutorials and support for those who need them. You are invited to participate at the level that works for you. If you want to jump in right from the start and participate in all of the activities that is great. If you don’t have the time, or just want to lurk at first, that is fine too.

We know that September is a busy time, the September – October timeframe was selected so that participants who are educators will have an opportunity to use their knowledge and connections to use an open, flexible and connected approach to integrate technological tools to support learning in their classrooms this year. The blog will stay open and the content and resources will be available long after the course is completed.

#oclmooc Design:

  1. Each week will have a theme. A team of facilitators will lead the week.
  2. The week will have resources, weekly activities, at least one webinar and a twitter chat.
  3. All learners are encouraged to use personal blogs to reflect about their own learning experiences.

Work is being done now to flush out the details and learning opportunities tied to the 5 weekly topics:

  1. September 24: Connecting All Learners – Online Networks
  2. October 1: Digital Identity and Digital Citizenship
  3. October 8: Collaboration and Community
  4. October 15: Open Leadership
  5. October 22: We Are All Learners (next Steps)

If you would like to participate in #oclmooc, please complete the #oclmooc participant sign-up form.

All content, videos and digital artifacts throughout #OCLMooc will be openly licensed using a CC BY Attribution and will be openly accessible by the public at all times.